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There is absolutely no advantage. Even those who say you get more anal sex by being small, are totally wrong. When you are small, you have major issues approaching women. How many women will have anal with you before they have regular sex? None! So i think this is a huge myth. And besides, any girl can take any size of dick in both her pussy and ass. Its not like big dicks are impossible for anal, just takes more time and lube to put it in.

When you are cursed with a small do not have advantages, you have choices. You can either accept the fact that you are small, go on with your life and pray you find someone that loves you. Second choice is SPH, you know your small, and you like being made fun of. Or there is a 3rd choice, which i think most small guys take, and i was one. Some guys just give up on life and come to terms with the fact that they will always be alone. I was like that until 23.

Some may find it amuzing that they can have an erection and no one will notice, personally that shit makes me cry. Just my 2 cents
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