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Well nope,

I have a dick which is just over 3 inches long, I have had sex with around 10 -13 women and 98% of them didnt like it. To be more accurate most said that they didnt feel anything, I couldnt try anything with my fingers cause they are really small as well. Now, you must be wondering How in the hell do i manage to get sex in the first place ? well lol, girls fall in love with my looks.

and o yah. A couple of times the girls I got were pretty badass, and my penis was too small for them to give a handjob, they insisted that they would use their thumb and index finger lol. I was really humiliated at first, but agreed eventually and trust me, thats was one of the best experiences in my life.

Now getting back to your case, if you do have sex with his 2.5 inch "penis" DO NOT forget o give him a "thumbjob" besides you wnt be able to use your whole hand anyway so ull end up using ur fingers lol, he will absolutely love it I can bet my 3 incher penis and balls on that

Embarrassment and humiliation will be shot to hell, once the guy experiences it he starts loving it.
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