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I was hanging out with some friends a few years back.This girl got to bragging about all these tattoos she's planning to get.She was ugly as sin and didn't get the memo.She thought she was the hottest thing at the party.She was flirting around with everyone,men,women,married people.It didn't matter to her.Eventually it came my turn to be flirted up by this woman.She started in about the tattoos.So I asked her if she wanted to see my rabbit tattoo.She said yes.I told her it was on my ass cheek.She really wanted to see it then.I said," ok,step in the bathroom where it's private."I dropped my pants, and said," see,it's right there on my cheek."She asked where and said she didn't see it.I told her she must have scared it so bad that it went back in the hole.We didn't here much from her the rest of the night.
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