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Well spoken, Sexykaty. Even with my smaller then average penis have I hit the entrance to her womb once or twice in certain position. She didn't enjoy that at all. Only goes to show, even short can be too long.

Apart from that, at least on statistical average, no woman can accommodate a 10" penis inside her vagina. Just look a those porn movies featuring horse-hung actors. The camera tricks they will employ to make the viewer believe that the whole 10" have entered her all the way. And on rare occassions there is mention of some actresses having refused to perform with oversized actors.

Even this unfortunate penis mutant Jonah whats-his-name said, that the downside of his tool was that he was unable to enjoy full stimulation because only half of his firehose would ever fit in.

Naw, I think I'll stick with what I've got. Hey, we are coming up to our 27th wedding anniversary, I must have done something right.
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