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That's the problem in the UK. You do not need to have any kind of ID on you. Much as I like the idea of not being obliged to carry an ID card or such, it is potentially open to abuse. You could give any name and address, there is no way of checking.

Not that I am in any way defending the action of the officer, that was way out of order but bearing in mind that this system can only ever work based on trust and cooperation, the guy that was stopped was basically abuse his own freedom and in the process damaging everybody else's right to enjoy this freedom, at least in the long run.

If I remember right, the ID card was abolished in the early 50's, after WW2, correct me if I am wrong and there have been several attempts at reintroducing them. Obviously, unsuccessfully. Behaviour like that is likely to to have rather negative effect, a) police could argue that the introduction would lead to more efficient work and b) politicians could abuse this under the guise of anti terror laws, quite apart from this video shedding a very negative light on policing in general but then, that's obviously what the poster intended to achieve.

Looking back on 35 years on and off in the UK, sometimes for a year, sometimes longer, my personal experience has all but been 100% positive but that is also where the cooperation does come in. What's the point of winding a copper up on purpose? He, from what I understand, ran a red light on a bicycle, chances are with just a little cooperation he would have been given a telling off and rightly so, he did claim that he was on his bike wanting to pick up his daughter from school. Besides, a red light is a red light, you don't have to sit in a car to recognise the colour.

The police officer was obviously way out of this depth there and the only sensible solution would have been from him to call backup, silly though this might sound, let alone the cost it would incur. Turning on the guy was a bad career move, that's for sure.

I'd be curious how this ended. The flashy captions of ...time to be worried... great if you want people to have an emotional response but not particularly helpful at the end of the day.
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