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Thats an easy one: Take it from someone who is on both sides of the line:
From a guys stand point its a "problem", and men will talk it out, explain it, offer solutions, lie about it and try to fix it. They don't have a problem posting pictures of thier weeny as if they were posting a picture of thier pet dog.
From a womens point of view, their is no interest at all talking about a "part" of a man, they want to talk about the whole man, and preferably not a stranger. When they respond to men it would be in this order: nice face, nice person, nice body, and way down the line, maybe number7, would be "hey...not a bad penis". If you were not good in bed, they wouldn't even care about that. So to come into a forum of strange men talking about how small they are... well maybe ones in Glasgow, but I don't think you will find to many women who fit that discription.
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