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Default Great Pickup Joints

Over the years I've found the best places to pick up chicks are at hotel bars. There's normally women at them away from home on business (always married) looking for action. Don't do this as much any longer but did years back.

And even though I have a small dick, I have a normal size sack so in the summer I'd wear a pair or clingy nylon athletic shorts with no undies so when I sat at the bar, there was nothing left to the imagination. I also arranged things in there to take the most advantage of the little I had.

Usually when I started talking to someone it was so funny following her eyes. Half the time they were on my crotch! LOL!

So many times hands found there way onto my small bulge while at the bar, it was amazing. Probably hooked up at least 40 times at the same hotel over the years and I can recall only one comment on my lack of length. These women are so fucking horny over the fact they're fucking and sucking with someone who isn't their husband, they could give a shit about cock size. At least that's what I think is true.
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