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Default Mell, My Wife Is Back From Europe.....

I'll tell ya boys, when my wife gets back from these 2 week trips she needs to do all the time due to her jpb, usually the first thing she wants is to get fucked. I don't think she's really that horny, what I do think is she wants me to "think she is" as I'm certain someone is pounding her. Shit, she almost feels less tight after these trips but its probably my imagination.

But this time I did a little detective work and went panty sniffing in the dirty laundry and I gotta say, the smell of very wet as in (I just got fucked) cunt is super strong in some of those panties and I'm sure I see dried cum stain on one.

I can't say I'm surprised though as she probably wants to get pounded by a big cock every now and then. So I'll keep my mouth shut since I get my own share of side action. Who knows, maybe she's aware of that?
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Ask her about it? If you get to watch or hold the camera, it could all be good
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So what's the verdict?
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