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Default Unusual Shower Sex With The Wife??

As you know, I haven't been too wild over having sex with the wife although early this morning we had a rather interesting session in the shower. Anyhow, we have this enormous tub, almost the size of a jacuzzi, has a sitting area in the back, etc. so we've shared the shower before although a long time ago.

This morning she either must have been real horny or worried about why I haven't been too excitable lately. I'm thinking the later. So after having coffee she starts rubbing her cunt through her panties and says "lets have a shower". I really didn't want to but did.

We're in there and I must say, I was enjoying her stroking my cock with her soapy hand while I did the same to her quite large tits (actually a little too large). So then to my surprise she kneels in front of the sitting area in the back, hands me a tube of lube and wants it in the ass! She NEVER wants to get ass fucked so now I'm sure she's concerned.

I put some lube on and slide in. Felt great too, haven't ass fucked my wife in 15 years. Yes, 15 years! She never liked it. In about 30 seconds I blew my load. We then got into the shower area again to clean off.

Once out, we dry off, she sits on the bathroom chair and I get her off with my tongue. Shit, she probably came in less than a minute. Was almost sterile tasting down there just getting out of the shower.

All in all, not too bad. Although could have been better.
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Anal sex in the morning! Mmm, that's hot. Lucky man! I've fucked my wife in the ass a few times, but it's not something she prefers. Unlike the whole "small woman = small pussy" myth, it is true that a small woman = small rectum, and it's just not enjoyable for her to split her anus during sex (which I can certainly understand).

It's hot that you got so lucky, maybe you should bring it up more often?
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Yeah, it was hot. Woulda been hotter with either my regular cheat partner or the little bimbo up the street though. LOL!

I'd like to suggest inviting another couple over and getting into a swap party or just jerking around with other people in our backyard hot tub. I know this couple up the street would be into it. I also know a few married dudes from my club who's wives might be game. But my wife is too fucking conservative.

However I wouldn't doubt she secretively thinks about sucking a hot 19 year old pussy. Don't they all? LOL!
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Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing, how can you tell when she cums?
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