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Default Wife Is Out And My Other Play Pussy's Hubby Is Home

And I have this throbbing hard on over here from surfing porn so a problem indeed. Just measured and its 4.75" today so I must be horny! LOL! I'd much rather fuck and suck than stroke myself though.

Since the babes are MIA, I could probably venture out for some "dark side" action with the boy toy (Yikes!). I'm probably worked up enough to do some dick so why not? I don't go there too often. What the heck, I'll take the drive over.

Someday I'll be punished for this behavior!
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Old 09-03-2010, 04:10 AM   #2
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THanks for sharing

Hope you had a good evening
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Old 09-03-2010, 04:32 PM   #3
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Well, if I had just spanked my own monkey last night I would be $250 richer today but was a pretty good time.

$100 hotel room
$50 booze
$100 a little thank you gift

Started out by getting pretty ripped in the hotel room while we watched some chicks with dicks flick on DVD. I have to be tanked for this shit. LOL! So after that and about 3/4 bottle of Glenlivet between us and a few beers it got pretty nutty.

We decided to sort of lube up our entire packages and just grind each other for a while. If I wasn't so drunk I probably would have came while doing this. Just humping and sliding our cocks together like that is pretty hot.

Anyhow, decided I needed to be screwed so tucked a pillow underneath my butt and he slipped in. Felt great, he's not that big, maybe 6" and not that wide. Just slowly pumped me for maybe 3 minutes and once I sensed him tightening up his body I had him pull out and after stroking him once or twice it was all over me.

Seeing that I'm lazy and was also bombed, I stayed lying there while he crotched down over me and mounted my dick. Took me longer to cum than it should have, maybe 3 minutes also probably due to the booze. I'm usually a "minute man".

Was still early so we hung there a while watching TV and since he's much younger than me was really hard again maybe 2 hours later. So I just kind of stayed lying on my side, sucking on the bottle of booze while he eventually was able to penetrate me in that position. I know this kid well (22 years old and not too manly) so this time I think he unloaded inside me since I remember feeling his dick throbbing like crazy inside me towards the end but was so fucking loaded who knows?

Woke up at 7:00 with a massive hangover and sore ass. LOL! Made it home, took a shower and now waiting for the wife to get back from Philly. She'll probably sleep all day, thank god!
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You are out there dude! Sounds like a hot night. Am almost hard from reading it.
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