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Default surrounded by big rugby players in shower

I had a good workout in the gym earlier this week, i thought it would be good to try and build up some muscle sinse i had such a small cock. Heading for the showers i felt good and even manly; but that was until a whole rugby team came into the shower room. It was the 18 to 21 year old side and they were very loud, such muscular beefy bodies, i felt puny standing alone in the showers, my small 3 inch flacid cock was on show. When they started to strip off i couldnt believe how big some of these lads were! Such big muscular arses and big thick meaty flacid cocks that would hang so low, and would swing from side to side as they walked towards the shower. My thin cock just couldn't compare! And there i was, little me surrounded by these huge lads in the showers.
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3 inch flaccid aint small mate. mine is 3 inches erect
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Sometimes, I get a bit of a thrill when I'm at the gym in the shower with other guys. Mine's about 2.5" to 3" flaccid and 5" hard, but when I'm in there, it's really small. Yet, I like it when other guys look at it. Particularly older men.

I really don't see big ones in there. In fact, they're usually as small as mine. Just once, I want to see a large one and be caught staring. I'm not a homosexual, but I do admire nice penises.
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well i used to feel awkward earlier in the gym, while taking a shower, or having some steam. cos most of the guys earlier were huge as compared to mine., which is barely visible. but then after couple of times, mastered the courage and used to go there without any shame. at 1st yes, i was looked on. but then its slowly and gradually goes away, then no one used to bother.
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