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Default My Wife Might Be Getting Less Uptight!!!!

As some of you guys know, I have a pretty hot wife that always refused to get adventurous as far as getting it on with more than one person, as in me. Anyhow, in her old age, LOL! I think she might be loosening up! Holy shit!

It ain't much yet but we were over our friends house, just me, my wife, my buddy and his wife and were in their backyard hot tub. We always go in there BTW, for years now but nothing funny, just hot tubbing and talking.

Well, just the other night we we were all pretty drunk in there, and for the first time everyone stripped down. My buds wife started by taking off her top then surprisingly my wife let go of hers as they were comparing tits. My wife is much bigger so we both thought it was kinda funny. So a few minutes later my wife (the prude that she is) sort of starts rubbing her friends boobs a little and says "so, is this what you filthy men like"? Holy cow! From my wife? No way!

We took our suits off and from there just all hung out naked and drinking. Both of the wives rubbed our dicks with their feet and were laughing hysterically. I couldn't believe this was going on? Both of these women are sort of conservative. Having my buddies wife foot rubbing my cock was pretty hot and needless to say, it got me hard fairly quick. They both continued to laugh like crazy, made stupid remarks and kept drinking.

That's about as far as it got though. But, its a start!
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I'd like to add that I was counting on this evolving into either my wife giving head to my buddies wife, (or vice-versa) while I either was getting sucked by or fucking his wife. Unfortunately not yet. Since my wife hasn't talked about it, hopefully she wasn't just stupid drunk. We'll see I guess.
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