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Default Size matters, well in your head it does

I've been around here for a while and I keep coming across all those "Oh my God, my dick's too short" posts.

Stop worrying and get yourself a good book about the sexual aspects of male and female anatomy (female, for a start, obviously being the most important at the start). Information that is what I think most of the people here are in need of.

Let me drop you a few bits here:

1. The average, unaroused females vagina is about 4 inches deep.
2. 90% of the clitoris is actually hidden inside the body, surrounding the front part of the vagina.
3. The main stimulation achieved by a female during penetration actually concentrates in the first three inches of the vagina.
4. The primary location there being concentrated in the anterior wall of the vagina.
5. Women who claim not to feel anything either suffer from a lax pubococcygeus muscle group, this being the group of muscles surrounding the vaginal and rectal opening or are, just like all men are different, simply larger then (our) life. Though, that being said, they can still train their muscles to give a reasonably snug fit.

There is a lot more to be learned about female anatomy. So, if you want become a good, if not great lover, stop worrying about the size of your penis but learn how to put it to best use.

If ever size did matter, then, most women will tell you it's actually girth, rather then anything else. Few woman are actually into having a big cock rammed up against her cervix (exceptions apply), which can be quite painful my wife tells my (and that was me with my 4.5 inch erection).

I sometimes wish that western society had adopted a more pragmatic approach to organ size, such as was laid down a couple of millennia ago by Vatsyayana (he wrote the "Kama Sutra"), where men and women were put into three size-related classes of organ size, stressing the importance of a proper fit. This is usually the part that in some modern "Kama Sutra Positions" books has been conveniently omitted, as they tend to just concentrate on the actual positions, something the book was never all about. Get yourself a complete copy of the book and learn about such issues (though, it doesn't tell you how to find a woman with a small vagina).

Just remembered, a few years back I found this G-Spot website which gives some pretty decent hints on how to stimulate a woman (not especially but still applicable to men with small cocks). Hope I am not breaching any rules by posting the link here.

Coital Alignment Techniques and Positions

And lastly, always remember one thing: The size of your cock is more in your head than in your pants, believe me.


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I had dropped out of this forum because a preponderance of the membership seemed to be into humiliation. I'm not against any acts participated in amoung consenting adults - that's just not my bag.
Your post is "right on".
I am 2 to 2.5" relaxed. (small) When erect, any where from 5 to 5.5" (small average).

I NEVER had concerns about my size - altho when around other nude people (hot tub, beach) I obviously was the smallest one - now that I think about it. I saw mention of this forum in a post on a nude beach site where someone was concerned about showing up and being embarrassed because he was "undersized".
At nude beaches you find women that have tiny breasts to those with huge sagging ones. People of both sexes in great physical shape, and others that looked like beached whales. AND men with a penis that is almost invisible to ones where it hangs halfway to their knees.
(Don't ask about the "jewelry" both a few men and women have in "private' places on their body.)

My wife finds men with small to small average men the most physically attractive. OTH, her first husband of 25 years had a "fire hose" (her description of guys with long ones) and one of her lovers before that (when they were both 20 and she took his cherry) had a big one. She didn't mention size of others, so I assume they were average. She said size, when it comes to sexual satisfaction, has almost know bearing.
Just like some men a turned off by large breasts, others by small ones, everyone has their own preferences.

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Well, I never had any problems with my smallish size and I've been on plenty of nude beaches, hot tubs, etc. In fact, was just in a hot tub the other night with my wife, her friend and husband. We got naked after a while and my wife's friend seemed to really enjoy massaging my small cock with her foot in there. And her husband is big, probably 7" and thick. She was fucking dying to jump on my cock but the situation didn't present itself as it was more of a fun thing.

After all these years, I don't even think of my small size. Seems as though all the babes I've been with were more than okay with it. And I've had many hot ones, my wife included.
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I often get smiles when people see my shrunk one at the nude beach but never got bad experience. And no women I've been with but one ever complained about my size.

However, I don't do sports so I don't know what guys would say at the gym.
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Originally Posted by jobleau View Post
I often get smiles when people see my shrunk one at the nude beach but never got bad experience. And no women I've been with but one ever complained about my size.

However, I don't do sports so I don't know what guys would say at the gym.
You will most likely get heckled beyond belief if its a gym with all younger guys and never go back. If its one with more middle aged guys, no one gives a shit. I belong to an upscale gym and sit bare ass in the steam room all the time and obviously use the shower with not even a glance. However, its mostly guys with money in their 40's and 50's. A few younger dudes belong but if they started talking shit like that, they'd get thrown out.

In fact, I've seen at least another 4 or 5 guys with small cocks there, so we're not alone.
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hoverfly, love the post. very informative
This is Me.
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