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Default How/Tips on gaining endurance?

Well a couple posts on this website are starting to make me happy of my tiny cannon. But I doubt I will ever fully be happy, well I'll wait to see what happens when a cute chick first glances at my cannon. If she sucks ot off so good amd without a carr ill fully love my guy. Anyway I cum really fast when I'm really turned on and I want to fix this. Any tips on how I can gain endurance?
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It comes with age
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one good way is to pull out just before u cum and hold off , then wait a little and go again, seems to work well for me and can go alot longer
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If you can go more then once, ask her for some light relief before penetration. Alternatively, and I don't know how this will go down with the mods, smoke a joint or two, I find this prolongs my activity by more then twice the time. Last not least, get some desensitising spray and experiment with the dosage. I am not too keen on this option myself but it does work. Personnally, I prefer the smoking option, as I find it also heightens the sensations when having sex.
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agreed with the first poster
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