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Default My experiences with women

Hey all. Newbie here. So to get it out there, I'm about an inch when flaccid, just under 4in when hard.

I only had sex with one woman up until I was 28. We met in high school, fell in love, got married when we were 23. I always thought our sex life was fine. I'd never thought of the size of my dick when we were together because the sex always seemed great. She never brought it up. I remember finding her vibrators once that she had hidden so obviously didn't want me to find. I asked her about them and she said I didn't please her sexually. We worked on our sex life and it did improve. A year before we divorced when we were 28 I caught her having an affair. Our relationship was amazing, she said I just didn't please her sexually and after 10 years together she wanted more so she had an affair that went on for a good 2 or so years while we were together.

The situation with my current girlfriend is totally different. Our sex life is fantastic and I know that for sure because I can make her orgasm and cum through oral, fingering and sex itself. I get a few looks in the gym showers from other guys who look like they're pitying me or feeling smug and I just stand there and am like feeling smug because I know that despite being on the smaller side I can still be a proper good fuck machine.

As for initial reactions from women, this one woman didn't exactly laugh but she looked like she was holding it back. Most are alright. At least if they haven't enjoyed it or whatever they've had the dignity to keep quiet. I did get asked the much dreaded "Is it all in yet?" by this one chick but that just made me more determined to bang her brains out, which I did.

So yeah, to summarise the only one who openly had an issue with it was my first wife.
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Seems you have got on with your life ok.
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nice .....
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