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Default Beating off online

I have a question that may be naive, but I will ask anyway.

Do any of you have an online jerk off partner that you either mic to mic or cam with? If so, do you enjoy the experience and wish more contact or is it just a one-time experience?

In my case I have beat off with other guys, mic to mic only as I can’t cam, and most have been maybe 1 to 3 times and it was over with. I only have one guy that is steady, though he is married, and we have had a straight beat off relationship for almost 2 years. We also share pics and vids on occasion. It isn’t a daily or even weekly meeting as it depends on when his wife is away. Since I am single I don’t have his problem.

At one time I had a relationship with a woman in California who was into masturbation and we had a great time together and our relationship lasted for a little over a year. She didn’t mind my small dick and enjoyed the fact that I was beating off to the numerous pics and some vids she sent me. I felt very fortunate when I found her and wondered when I wouldn’t hear from her again. Unfortunately, that day came and I never heard from her again.

Just curious as to what your experiences may have been if any.
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i have had some experiences with two girls i have im in a relationship i have gf, so i didnt do it so much, i used to did it with one girl i have never had sex in person and with another one that i used to fuck but we had to stop doing it and then we used to virtual fuck during sometime...
and recently i had two or three hot chats with guys through the net, never yet with webcam...but i could try it...
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Old 04-27-2011, 11:05 PM   #3
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I have had... a guy that i mic'd and cammed with for a while then he disappeared.
A guy who talked on mic to me as I sent him porn to get off to, who was not very regular then disappeared
A guy who I jacked off on cam for, who didnt come on very frequently after a while so stopped trying.
Its hard to keep them up as I cant always do it regularly and I'm mostly in it for the companion. Don't want to have sex with guys, but since women are so hard to find on YM its better than nothing. Dirty talk and camming really gets me going so I dont mind too much.
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im new to it..just getting staorted
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