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Default Does being small hold you back from anything?

Does being small hold you back from anything?

It really does for me, I'm not as social as most of my friends, I never man up and tell a pretty girl I like something. My self-esteem is low, which I plan on fixing this summer. What about you guys?
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Yeah, ofcourse it effects every one. And if it doesent anymore, guarantee it did at one of their lives. You are not the only one to have these issues. As a matter of fact, this is pretty much dead on what every single guy who is small goes through.
What do you plan to do this summer to fix your sefl esteem?
If you mean that you will get into shape, please be careful what you wish for.
Its great health wise, but not so much for your self esteem. Getting into shape will not change the fact that you have a small one. And thus approaching women will not be any easier.
The only way to do it man is to do it in your head. You have to understand that you will never be able to do some things, as long as you have a small penis. So if you are really serious about changing your life around. Then start by coming to terms with the fact that what you need is to find a woman who will love you for you, not your dick. This woman will love you for your personality. My point is, you should start looking for this girl right now, and not wait till summer comes. Join a date site, make a few postings. Put yourself out there. You never know.
Just dont fool yourself thinking that changing something about yourself will change your self esteem, nothing less of growing your dick will change it for you.
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