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Default gay experience

When I was young me and a very good friend of mine decided to have gay sex and we loved it did it all the time but both of us after we would climas hated what we were doing... now I to this day still fantasize about another guy but I wouldn't want a guy unless he has the same size dick as me.... about 4 inches... now I consider my self straight I love women and would take a pussy over a guy allday but I still want to fuck guys.. here and there..... some times I jack off to gay porn but its tha same thing as soon as I cum I hate the fact that I did it and am disgusted in myself.... I also love trannys but only the ones who look like girls with nice tits oh how bad I wanna sleep with one... idk this is just something I've wanted 2 say somewhere for a while figured id do it here... and if anyone wants to maybe sext guy or girl feel free to pm
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Tiny Dick Wanna Be
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P.s I'm not home right now but when I finally get home ill upload some pics of my cock
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I was on holidays and went back with a "woman" who was also on holidays and turned out to have a cock. He/she had an unreal body and must of spent a fortune on surgery. When she took off her dress, the cock was a big surprise. It was massive too so i dont know where he/she was hiding it. Either way i went along with it and it was unreal. It was the first time i was ever near someone sexually with a cock but i'd definitely have sex with a tranny again, once it looked feminine.
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I also love transsexuals, I'm a bi man so its just great. But feminine transsexuals are also what I prefer
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A guy goes back with a woman but as he's undressing he notices a photo of a bloke on the table beside the bed. He starts having nightmares about him smashing the door down and strangling him while he's on the job. He says,
"Oh fuck, is that your husband?"
-"No, it's me before my operation."
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