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Default Enlargement Products Interest


I am new to these forums and am likely asking a question answered already. I didn't see anything in the first couple pages so I'll go for it.

I'm on a similar boat as the rest, though perhaps a little larger than what is come to be expected in these threads. I am 5 inches generally, maybe throw up a little bit more on a good day, but reading the posts I have the same mentality as everyone else. I feel really inadequate and do not perform nearly as well as I would like to for my fiance. I am hoping people on here could give me testimonials of penis enlargement products they have tried. My initial thought to them was they likely give you fuller, longer lasting erections, but do not actually promote growth. If anyone on here has used any products, good or bad, I would appreciate hearing about it. Even the ones that worked miserably for you would be great to hear so I could steer clear of them.

Thanks in advance to all that take the time to reply.
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I bought a Ron Jeremy pump and all it did was squish my penis .I am trying some of the vitamins that are for growth and am acutally seeing some results in week 4. I have gained over .5 inch in length and .25 in girth so far ,but I am not really followin the directions that close .
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