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Default Problems....

No pics as of yet but i have a question...

When i have a masturbate i only seem to last around a minute, i've tried stopping and starting but it doesn't really help things. Anyone have the same problem? or can anyone give me more tips to make me last longer.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Hi Andy and welcome to the forum. I had a quick look at your profile, unfortunately it didn't provide an indication of your age.

Firstly, this does happen to most young guys. If you are one of them, just forget about it, the timing will improve.

Secondly, even with older folks this does happen. You become so aroused that... one touch. Bingo.

Thirdly, are you able to just keep going after you've ejaculated? If so, again don't worry, just go for it. Why should only women have the pleasure of climaxing more then once. When we first got married, I would like a shot but I was able to just keep going and the second time it would take longer and the third time even longer, literally until I was more or less ejaculating hot air. We always had a great time from that moment on.
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maybe you were just to excited andy....
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