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Default How are you viewed in your cirlce of friends

When i was younger, i hung out with a certain crowd of people that i knew for a long time.
Being small was not really an issue or a topic of conversation. What was an issue though, is the fact that i was a virgin and they knew that. There were instances when of my them would make a joke, or a hint that pertained to me being a virgin. I hated that, especially when it was brought up in front of other people. I used to get so embarassed that i would just put on a stupid smile and just stare at the ground. Inside i wanted to cry, kill myself, kill the person that said it. I eventually got rid of all these so called friends. Have not spoken to them for a few years now, i dont ever plan on doing it.
I was just curious how you guys are treated in a circle of your friends.
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I'm at the bottom of the totem pole with my friends. I never got laid cause of my small penis while all my friends went out.
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