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Default Thankful for this forum

I am very thankful I found this support group. I have always been embarrassed about my tiny one and nervous of who is going to see it. While I don't enjoy looking at other guys cocks, it's nice to see I am not alone.

I want to see if these other issues are related to the size of my penis and if anyone else experiences them. Such as infertility and PE? I had been tested about 6 years ago and found out that I am infertile. My wife and I then adopted our son.
Does anyone else suffer from PE or infertility? Any advice on the PE?
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Well for me I know I am not infertile, as I have six kids, but I do have ED at times. This is mainly due to a condition called MELAS.
Why does it have to be big, small, long, or short? Isn't it just a penis?!? Enjoy it !!
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