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Default Premature ejaculation

I get this problem a lot, when i sleep with girls i tend to come incredibley quickly, i am bisexual but have never been with a boy. Could my tiny cock or my no relationship with a boy even though i want to be stuffed by one be the problem?

Even when i am on this my penis starts to get wet.
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Let's start at the beginning. Welcome to the forum SadPenis. Pleased to see you joining us and enjoy your stay.

I don't think there is any correlation between your premature ejaculation and your desire to have sex with a guy. Well, apart from the fact that anything that might arouse you may lead to you emitting some pre-ejaculatory fluid. The fluid is discharged prior to ejaculation and is produced by the Cowper's Gland.

There are several ways of turning what you may perceive as a curse into a blessing. Some men have the ability to simply continue after an initial ejaculation. Some is the magic word, not necessarily all but it is worth a try if you are amongst that group. If you are, count yourself lucky, it's a bit like a buy-one-get-one-free offer. LOL

Alternatively, there are a number of exercises involving the control of your PC muscle group that can greatly help to extend your timing. There should be several thread on that theme, so I won't go into writing it all up again, just do a search for PC muscle or premature ejaculation and it should come up.
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I was like that when we were first married. After 13 years I dont believe we have lost any spark in our sex life. However, it has not happened for a long time. I believe that I have gained more control and I am also not feeling like I am never going to get this again or so rushed from over excitement. We take our time and work up slower now and it makes the climax WAY better then a simple orgasm.
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Practice makes perfect. Stop jerking off and quit porn, and you might see a difference. Do kegel exercise and some yoga.
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