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Default Happy Easter to all of you

Happy Easter to all of you

I would like to wish you all a great Easter holiday. Enjoy the time and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

And now for a collection of funny and not so funny pictures...

Did you know they celebrated Easter as long ago as during the Trojan war?

Please mind your step on Easter Sunday.

Hm, makes you wonder what's for dinner next Easter.

For the horror movie fans amongst you.

For the retro scifi lover.

For the cooked breakfast lover.

For the anthropologists amongst you.

For the hunters on here.

For the hard of hearing.

For the lovers of splatter movies.

For the unbelievers.

For those who don't believe the Japanese celebrate Easter.

For the gay and lesbian members of the forum.

Happy Easter to all of you, wherever you are.
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LOL! Good ones! Loved the fried egg one...
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Thanks and I enjoyed them and a Happy Easter to all.
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Loved the pics and comments,
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I liked all but the last two, most of the rest were hilarious.
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