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Default So she left me im ready for something new.

Let me tell the shortest version of this story when I was 20 I got with a girl and it lasted 7 years after that break up one week actually I got with the 2nd girl and that lasted a year and a half I didn't get any complaints about my penis size even tho I joked about it myself but I think for now I'm done with girls maybe I need a man if never been with a guy so it's a new thing I always knew I was bi and now am ready to explore if anyone is around the Az area and wants to talk to a 29 yo guy who has never had a dude or even sucked a dick hit me up.
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Littlebig, a little punctuation would go a long way towards making it more legible. LOL
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Nice cock, and there are a lot of men out there that would like to play with it.
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