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Default New Here With 3" and happy


I have proudly posted pictures of my very small cock. I used a credit card for size comparison. I am fully erect here and the credit card is about 3 1/4" long and as you can see, I cant quite measure up to that. I have a story about why I am so small and it is similar to some who didn't fully develope at puberty. In my case, at 14 my voice changed, but that was it. I had a little boys weener until age 22 when it only got wider and not longer and never developed any pubic hair. I also have no sperm and a small amount of seamen (2 small squirts) when I ejaculate. I have never satisfied a woman but have learned how to lick pussy like a champ. Usually after I get her to cum, most will allow me to go inside and I usually shoot within 30 seconds but it is never felt. I am actually OK with a small cock and early on decided that the only way I would feel Ok with it was to be as uninhibited as I could be, so I joined nudist clubs and go to nude parties and I think it has actually helped me. I now have no problem showing my cock to girls and would really like to do a video shoot with a porn queen, just to see what she does with my less than average size cock. Check out my pictures and let me know what you think.
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man i really dont know how u guys do is the most embarressing thing of my life...and could be the reason i am 31 and still single yet again...i would trade my left nut to be normal or above omg i get so jeoulous of my friends who r huge compared to me...ya'll LIKE to be!....i cant understand why...there is nothing more embarressing then a tiny weiner and trying to impress women with it..
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Can someone tell me how to post something
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Originally Posted by TINIDICK View Post
Can someone tell me how to post something
What exactly did you have in mind? Pm me I will help you out.
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it's cute, nice story. I find that going to nudist clubs helps too.
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