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Old 05-29-2013, 05:47 AM   #1
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Default Let's Be Positive About Our Tiny Dicks

For all of you young blokes out there with a small penis, don't believe for a minute that you'll suffer an inferior level of sexual satisfaction because of it. The size of your cock has nothing to do with pleasure, other than at a most superficial level. I have lived with a tiny cock all my life and have really enjoyed a full and satisfying sex life, in fact I still am. My mini penis is about 1.5" soft and 4.5" erect so it's definitely a lot smaller than average. Bigger than some and smaller than others.

But in the scheme of things, it really hasn't made a difference to my sexual satisfaction al all. The fact is that the size of your cock has little to do with the pleasure you experience during orgasm. In fact to me, the pleasure I get from masturbation is greater now than when I was younger. It seems the older you get the more intense the orgasm. In fact. the only time anyone ever mentioned the size of my cock was a school friend that I used to masturbate with regularly. He used to tease me a bit because his was large and very thick. No-one else ever mentioned it.

Some statistics...

(1) I can remember at least 11 male friends that I jerked off with when I was a teenager, but there were probably more.

(2) I married when I was 23, but prior to that I can count 17 girls that I had sex with, once again there were probably more but my memory has faded over the years.

(3) Over the 40 odd years of marriage, I have had sex with my wife on at least 2,500 occasions.

(4) Since I first discovered masturbation at about age 12, I have jerked off at least 16,000 times.
From age 12-22, 10 times per week = 5000 (more than once per day most days)
From age 22-32, 4 times per week = 2000 (married at 23 with lots of sex, less masturbation)
From age 32-42, 7 times per week = 3500 (once per day)
From age 42-52, 6 times per week = 3000 (slowing slightly)
From age 52-62, 5 times per week = 2500 (slowing down)
A total of 16,000 times at least.

In addition, I have never had sex with another woman since marrying, other than hand jobs during massages.
I have had male to male sexual experiences with 3 men since I married. Each of the experiences was impromptu and they make a good story.

So there you have it, I lifetime of satisfying sex with a tiny cock.
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Oh, I am and I doubt you'd find many that care less about it in the first place. It is what it is, if you don't like it, well, it's not the eleventh commandment, is it?

Despite me clearly suffering from a numbers addiction and fetish, mostly due to the work I've been doing, I never bothered to think about how many times I masturbated, had sex with my wife, etc. Not that I am implying there is anything wrong with that.

But what I can only too happily testify to is that sex with a small penis is incredibly satisfying, more so if it actually involves my wife.

A small penis is much better when you get a handjob, her hands don't have to struggle caressing all of it and it leaves one hand, at least partially, free to stimulate scrotum and testicles. Ladies, don't forget to take care of you man's crown jewels, regardless of size.

When it comes to fellatio, with a lot of women only taking about 3" of the penis into their mouth, how can you go wrong if you only have 4.5" to start with. Doesn't cause her to gag, which I don't find very attractive to start with or worse and again, it leaves the hands free from some wonderful massage techniques.

When it comes to coitus, even better, not only do you get the sensation from the whole of your penis, something that I have yet to see in a porn clip involving a guys with an exceptionally large penis but it also offers, in certain positions, the opportunity to stimulate the clitoris with your pubic area. A win/win situation if you asked me.

OK, I concede defeat when it comes to years of marriage, next year we''ll have been married 30 years but the sex life with my wife has been... well, what can I say, out of this world, despite me being somewhat below average in lenght and girth. Still, why bother complaining when your wife just climaxed 3-4 times in a row, hardly the reason for becoming upset about size, that's for sure.

No, very pleased you made this post, it might (hopefully) inspire a little confidence in those that feel too 'short changed' by life's lower reaches.

May you continue enjoying a satisfying sex life for as long as it may last, you and your wife deserve it.
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Default I am glad you posted this

I have been married for over twenty years and my wife has no problem with the size of my ding a ling. I only started to hurt about my size when a FEMALE urologist said that I have an exceptionally small penis. In addition after I was diagnosed with cancer and that radiologist told me "You have what you have, get used to it". I was in my fifties. But my ding a ling is still there and it works.
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I'd like to add that in my opinion, sex education is something that everybody out there needs, not just people with small penises.

Men get the impression that inserting the penis and some swift back and forth movements are all the make up a good nights lovemaking, despite the teacher probably having mumbled something about making babies, a far cry from being anywhere near being a good lover.

Women get the impression that a men's testicles only serve as 'sensitve storage vessels' and might be best left alone. They too are the ones that suffer the effect of sexual education graphics that almost inevitably display the vulva with neatly tucked in labia minora, a massively growing misperception, giving rise to more and more females being highly insecure about the appearance of their genitals.

As for premature ejaculation... Not sure if I can agree with you on that issue, it is after all, one that does effect men of all sizes.

The fear factor, most certainly, that has to be the biggest stumbling stone in the way of someone being able to even so much as approach a woman and a good few members here do complain about suffering from that.

Sadly, too few are willing or able to seek psyshological assistance and subsequently rather rely on attempting to increase the size of their genitals. Keeps a whole industry busy.
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I positively love tinies... does that count???
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