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Default Stretching exercise that works

I developed this as a way to stretch the suspendatory ligament. As you know there's a surgery to relocate the ligament. Scary and expensive. So why not stretch it out a bit? Well who has the time and place to do so? It takes time. Here's an idea, how about in your sleep. Still with me? Here's how:
Lay on your side. Tuck your penis and balls between your leg. Bring the top leg over top
. Slowly straighten your legs, you will feel the stretch. GO SLOW! Keep the legs bent. Fall asleep. Sometime I wake up and I've come undone other times I'm still tucked away. You will get results after a night or two!
The only down side is your erection doesn't point up as high. Just like the aforementioned surgery. So what is the payoff? You may have noticed the penis is constantly shrinking and swelling. I would say that 90 percent of the time I'm half to an inch larger. Fully shrunken and full on erection seem about the same. Jury is out on the erection.
I feel like this has been a game changer for me. My penis just hangs out there in a relaxed way, perhaps the blood flow is better too.
Just promise you will go slow, don't hurt yourself!
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