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Default Average/below average penis, a good thing?

Sure, there are some size queens that will only have sex with large men. Fine, let them get torn a new one, literally . In my experience, the women I've slept with enjoy average and below average hung men more than our larger counterparts. Maybe it's just the ones I've known, but they do tend to confess that larger guys aren't usually as skilled in bed (Not saying ALL larger guys). I think it's because we tend to have to be more creative. I'm at a bit of a disadvantage because I won't do oral (I had a traumatic experience in my first attempt, so I just won't do it anymore), but there are still ways for it to work. Different positions help, getting your partner off with your hands/fingers, a lot of my partners have really liked having their butt holes played with. The most important thing I've noticed is foreplay, specifically kissing and cuddling. Good lord do women love kissing and cuddling.

Also, everybody has a fetish, find it and exploit it! For me, sex isn't just 10-20 minutes of humping and done, it's an event. I tell my wife, if you want sexy time, set aside 2-4 hours, this is serious business to me. Before I hurt my back and gained a lot of weight, I prided myself on superb cardiovascular conditioning. Outlast your partner, and when they think they are done, drag them back in bed for round two! I guess, in a strange way I feel like if I had a "large" penis, I'd get lazy and just kind of rest on the impressiveness of my size instead of putting in the work. And let me tell you, when you do the work, it's worth it, every time!

Finding this site has been a real confidence booster for me (I've only been here a few days!). I had been through some crappy times in recent years, and let myself go (not just physically, but as a whole). Since my sexuality has been such a big part of my life from my teens until a few years ago, rediscovering lost confidence has been a huge boost. The people I have interacted with have been pretty cool. I for one am proud to be rocking what I was born with, you all should be too.

I'd love to do what I can to help the forum thrive, I try to post pictures as often as I can, and I'd love to talk and get to know all of you as much as you're comfortable with. I have some fun life experiences that I can share, though they are mostly CFNM and not so much small penis stories. I'd love to see this place banging with activity!
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2-4 hours? WOW!

Yes, it is customary for a man with small cock compensate with imagination and other skills.
Some big dick men do not care about anything else, thinking only that already satisfy us.

I'm sorry for your bad experience in oral sex. I think you lose something so absolutely delicious.
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Excellent intro! Welcome aboard!
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SHE: "Who d'ya think you're gonna please with that?"
ME: ME!!!!!
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Hi LittleThingy. I enjoyed reading your post.
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ANY penis is a GOOD thing!!!
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Glad you joined!
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I think perhaps the only thing a large penis is good for is masturbation.
It may be stubby but its just because it gets a lot of use just like rodent teeth. If I stopped using it, it would be over 12" by months end!
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