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Default Who's first sexual experience was with a much older man?

This is the very first time I will tell this experience to others, and I'm nervous.

My family lived in a condo complex when I was a kid.

I was exactly 12 years old at the time.

There was this older guy (maybe in his 40's) that lived in the building next to ours.
He owner a new Corvette and I was always looking at it and how nice it was.
He would often polish and wax it while I watched.
He told me how fast it was and I was thinking it was the coolest car ever.
Finally after weeks of me pestering him about it, he asked if I wanted to take a ride in it with the top off. I was so excited that I didn't even tell my mom the I was leaving.
We drove around a while as he did errands.
When we got back he invited me in to his place for a soft drink.
I thought I was being so cool because none of my other pals were offered the ride.

When we were at his place he said he needed a shower so I just waited watching tv.
He came out to the living room toweling himself dry in front of me and I saw him naked. I guess my eyes bugged out of my head when I saw how big his cock was and seeing it bounce around on top of what looked like huge balls, he laughed and asked if I knew about sex and I lied saying I read about in in books.
He explained out erections and ejaculation. I had no idea about any of that stuff. he wanted me to touch and hold his penis as it got hard. I had not even started puberty yet so I had no body hair except for my head.
He looked at me as he wanted to see if I was growing properly, so I quickly showed him my pinky sized penis.

I gotta go right now but I'll finnish this in a bit.
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Oh, Young1! You are cruel. I remember when they did this with the Saturday movies.
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Default Re:

Yes, please go ahead.
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Young1 here again.

Sorry to not finish right away, but life happens! lol.

Again, I an really anxious about talking about this.

When I look back at that time I can't believe how ignorant and na´ve I was.

I was so nervous when I showed him my penis and balls because I really looked like kid boy still.
He sort-of smiled and laughed. I thought he was making fun of me and I actually started to cry just a bit. I must have looked stupid with my briefs around my ankles and my hands covering my face.
I can remember wishing I could just get invisible and run away.
And if he didn't do the right thing I would have really started sobbing.
But I remember his warm hands on my shoulder and back of my neck pulling me close to him and giving me a big hug.
He was so comforting to me. He held me for a long time, telling me that in just a few years I would be turning into a man and have a much larger cock and balls like he had. He said that he like my penis and that it was cute, so I felt better.
When I came out of my funk, I felt him hard against my chest and looked down to see a huge (to me) erection.
I didn't know what to do.
So he said for me to explore it and learn. I really wanted to touch his big cock but was shy. He took my hand and placed it around his cock and I was amazed at how thick it was.
He guided my hand up and down his shaft and I could see his cockhead appear. It was a deep purplely color and it was really wet.

He lead me over to the couch and I tripped because my underwear was still around my ankles. He actually picked me up and carried me across the room and laid me down on the couch.

I kept feeling that this was really wrong and if my foster parents found out that I would be sent back, but I felt so good.

He continued to comfort me and say that this was all natural and this is how the grown-up body worked.

I was fascinated by playing with his cock and kept wishing I would be just like him.
He started telling me the if his cock was stroked enough that he would cum. I had never been told anything like this before, sure I got stiff a lot, but nothing ever came out of it.
He covered my hand over his cock and we started to move very fast. He told me to keep watching because the white "cream" would come out in a minute. Seriously, he told me it was "cream".
I could feel him get super hard and saw the tip get so wet that it started to leak clear stuff. That's when I learned about precum. I never had heard of that either.
We kept stroking and he was telling me that it was going to come out soon...the cream.
I was watching so hard. He said here it comes and I waited a second and saw his cockhead get really, really dark and it looked like his pee slit opened up and then I saw some white stuff in the slit, I thought that was it but the it really started to shoot out and hit me all over my chest. I pulled back, sort-of freaking and he kept shooting. I was amazed at the amount. (Now I realize that it was a big load).
When he finished and looked at me just being frozen, he told me to touch his cream with my fingers. I did and remember thinking that it was like regular cream but felt more like melted butter! I'm not kidding!!!!
I remember it between my fingers and slick.
He told me it was very much like milk that came out of a mothers nipples. What did I know? He said go ahead and taste it. I was afraid it was white pee! He promised me it was not and tasted it himself, so I did too. I don't remember much taste or smell, but it didn't gross me out.

We sat and talked about sex for a while, I was stiff and was trying to hide it between my knees but he said it was cute again, so I let him look and touch. He felt my balls, which were the size of peanuts compared to his.
I saw his cock start to get really hard again. He was stroking it again and said he wanted to shoot more. I watched again. After a few minutes he said it was going to happen again and asked me to suck it.
I was really horny but still really nervous.
He kept telling me how natural it was and again how it was just like a baby suckling on a mothers nipple for her milk.
I was hesitant but really curious. He said for me to just suck on his head like a nipple.
I remember asking him not to pee in my mouth! He promised and gently guided my head very close to his cockhead, right at my lips.
I can really remember his scent. I had never smelled it before but it make me really horny.
So I opened my lips and put his cockhead inside.
I can still remember the second my tongue touched his cockhead! It was smoother than anything I ever touched with my tongue!
I explored with my tongue and found that big slit. That's when I tasted the slightly salty precum. I though it tasted like the ocean water but not so salty. I liked it.
As I did that for a bit, I could feel his cockhead get bigger and the slit seemed to open up more for my tongue. Nothing was said, then I heard him moan and at the same time this warm stuff squirting in my mouth. It started to fill my mouth and I had know idea what was happening because it happened so fast that I had to swallow it. He then looked at me and asked if I tasted his cream. I said I don't know. He pulled his cock out and then he knew I swallowed it all!
He told me so. I didn't think much of it, but he hugged me and told me what a great boy I was.
I really enjoyed that he was saying that to me.
I enjoyed having his cum in my belly and told him so.

He knew my situation in my foster family was not great and said I could be his secret son and he would be my secret daddy.

All the next few days and nights all I did was play with my hard penis try to get cum out while remembering how good it was to feel and taste his big cock.

We got together a lot for the next year and a half. He taught me so much about sex and growing up. I had a great time!

I moved again, but I always call him and we talked for hours. I went away for college and still went to visit him a few times during the summer.

That was a few years ago, but I still keep in touch even though I really far away.

Whew! I can't believe I actually told this because it was such a secret!
And I jerked-off just after I wrote that previous sentence!
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Very hot story, was stroking while reading it
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Nice story... got anymore?
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Originally Posted by nangatrad86 View Post
Nice story... got anymore?
Thanks for the compliment. However this really did happen to me and this guy. Not a story but the truth.

Let me remember some more....
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