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It is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you all about my husband, stubby. He has passed away from the same disease that killed his twin brother 4 years ago. It culminated in a three week hospital stay and finally an major stroke that he just could not come back from.

To make this pain even worse we are expecting our first child
Busty Dusty
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So sorry to hear that. I am out of words.
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My condolences
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He seemed really lucky to have you. Based on your pics you are very sexy, I can only assume your face is beautiful, and on the inside as well as you accepted Stubby. Thank you and I'm sorry for your loss.
"If you let it get to you, you will be opening a door of self loathing, despair, and hatred. Look beyond and accept. It will do more to develop your self-acceptance than nearly anything else. We all must learn the lesson of accepting ourselves. If we don't accept ourselves, for what we are, then how can we expect anyone else to accept us?"
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My deepest sympathies Busty. He will be missed. He always had a kind word for people here on this forum.
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I am truly sorry about your loss.

Your baby will bring you so much joy.

Peace and prayers to you.
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