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Default Hard to find women to do Small Penis Humilation.

I make it a habbit to tell women I'm under-sized. I don't really know if I'm small or not, but I tell women regardless. I find it tends to veer the conversation into a sexual direction and I've actually had sex with a small penis conversation as the lead up, more than once.

I don't consider myself to be submissive, a beta male or a weak man, but I love S&M and I thought it'd be pretty easy to engage in SPH. You tell a woman you have a small penis, she giggles, bam you're having SPH!

But I found out several things. Most women try to comfort me, or the conversation becomes sexual and things to start to happen. Even when I once sat a girl down and explained the fetish to her, she just couldn't get into it. She even told me I was too big to engage in small penis humilation, which surprised me.

I thought I'd post here to share an experience and maybe see if you guys had the same "problem." I also wanted to see if I was the only one that goes looking for humilation, if you don't mind sharing some experiences
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your definitly not alone in seeking out sph. I think it is hard for most women to understand why it turns a man on to be humiliated for being small. They usually dont want to hurt a guys feelings. The best experience ive had was with a girl i met off of myspace. Before we met in person our conversations were usually about sex and i could tell she was attracted to me. I asked her what the biggest cock she had been with and she told me 9 inches. she was curious as to why i asked her this. We eventually met and had sex. After that i asked her if she thought i was small and told her about my sph fetish. She ended up nicknaming me shorty and even showed her friends pics of my small dick. They asked her if she could even feel anything and she told them i was good in bed despite my size. I think the one thing that fascinated her was when i was fucking her and she made humiliating comments about my size it made me fuck her harder.Thats been the best real experiece for me so far. she eventually moved and we lost contact but i really miss her.
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