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Default Canít believe Iíve been coming to this fourm for years..

I think I started visiting this site back in 2010 and look at us now, all the way in 2017. Weíve had a black president and Now we have an orange retard. Life is full of regrets, and positive moments too..

Anyway, anyone on here have a healthy sexual life?
"If you let it get to you, you will be opening a door of self loathing, despair, and hatred. Look beyond and accept. It will do more to develop your self-acceptance than nearly anything else. We all must learn the lesson of accepting ourselves. If we don't accept ourselves, for what we are, then how can we expect anyone else to accept us?"
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Healthy, well by that do you mean with a partner ? I think my wife got bored of my little one a while ago. So, I have to entertain myself - which means in a way, I still have an active sex life.
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I sure don't. I have a girlfriend I have lived with for 16 years. For the past 10 years, we may have sex once a month or every six weeks at most. I have gone three months at a time without either of us touching or even seeing each other without clothes. She is cold and only gives it to me so I won't put her ass out. She said it to me like this,"I don't care what you do or who you do it with. I don't want to know about it as long as it doesn't disrupt our situation." So I have had several playmates that I go to at times. Unfortunately, the past couple years they have all went their own way and I get no play. I'm always on the lookout for a regular play pal.
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