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Default Aussie with a teeny weeny

Well, what a great find this site is. I love it!

Firstly hello to all, I'm happy to join the forum.
Well, the truth is I'm probably the oldest bloke here at 72 years of age? I've been happily married for almost 50 years and I have a tiny dick. It's less than 4.5" erect and it can almost disappear when it's soft.

Strangely, in all my 72 years I've only been teased about my cock size once. My wife has never mentioned it and she always seemed happy, none of the (many) girls I knew before I married ever mentioned it either. And, one of them in my early 20's was a prostitute. Hmmm!

In fact, the only person to ever tease me about it was a school friend that I often jerked off with. He had a large and thick dick and he'd often tease me when her was jerking me off. It wasn't a cruel tease though, more a friendly one.

Now at my age my wife and I rarely have vaginal sex these days. When we do its usually just masturbating together. We have 'his and hers' vibrators. The fact is though, that I've been a compulsive masturbator all my life. I'm still at it 3-5 times a week on average. Interestingly, (to me anyway) recently for some reason, I decided to do a rough calculation of how often I've jerked myself off. I was astonished to realise my total was somewhere north of 16,000 times. Whew!

I reckon I'm pretty lucky to have found this site and decided to join after reading some posts and looking at the photos of all your small penis'. Wonderful stuff.

I'm adding a pic of my cock taken a few moments ago. If it looks blurry at the top its because after looking here I got really hot and the blurriness is actually pre-cum.

Anyway guys, feel free to comment or ask anything you'd like.

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