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Talking My dicks growing! Shouting it from the rooftops!

About a year and a half ago, I started HRT after finding that I had a pituitary tumor for at least 17 years. It caused me to have no testosterone and high estrogen levels which shrank my dick significantly. I also gained weight and haven't been able to lose it. My significant other and I haven't been having sex or anything for a few years. I had been seeing a few friends with benefits.

Last Friday, the mood struck me and her at the same time. Since gaining all this weight and having my dick shrink, my SO hasn't had any problems swallowing all of my dick. When I was slim and fit with a nice size dick, she couldn't take all of me. She would hold the base of my dick with her hand to keep me from going to deep in her mouth. Friday, she told me not to go so deep and kept her hand on my stomach to stop me from going to deep in her mouth. When we got done fucking, she asked if my dick got bigger. I told her I didn't know and pulled out the tailor's tape. I am up to four inches and slightly thicker. I don't wank much so I thought it was all in our heads. I haven't lost weight, even though I have tried. I admit I haven't tried very hard. With this realization, it has really motivated me to lose weight.

Friday was the best sex we have had in years. It was easier for her to have multiple orgasms back to back without me having to work for an hour to get two or three out of her. She soaked our bed. She has never rubbed my dick and made comments to me. Now when she comes home, the first thing she does is rub the front of my pants and ask me how it's feeling. With us having a kid and crazy work hours, it's hard to find time to fuck now. It's always working, kid, or sleep.
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Doing a happy dance for you. Weight loss and walking will help get your T level higher. I'm proof.
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Post pictures!
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Yeah fella before and after pictures lol

Good fir you two
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