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Default Live a happy life with a small penis

Hey guys,
Im new here. Firstly wanna say that its great to have a place liek this where guys like us can come and open up....Anyway i was wondering, how many of you here are in happy relationships? Me, im with a girl for almost half a year already, and she does not care at all that im small. If anything, she always tells me that im average (yeah right im 5 inches hard and like 4.5 thick).
So just wondering if ay of you have any similar stories to share.
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Hey there

Im about your size (5,7 lengh, 4,7 girth) an live for many years now in partnership. My wife loves my cock, there is no need to think it could be to small. Youre right: we are around the average (above, hardly … however). I think mostly it isnt the womens desire having monster cocks like shown there on every porn, but its our knowing what hammers there are beneath us “averages”. Feels like driving a medium VW, theres nothing wrong with it – it gives you all you can expect from a car. But does it prevent you from looking to a Ferrari (a little bit envious to the driver)? Would you reject your gf because her boobs are not the big size ? No you wouldn’t, but shure youre looking to some nice boobs when they pass bye.
Theres nothing wrong taking a glimpse, not for men and not for women – if they just realise the true worth of things. And if done so, a partnership agrees very well with the “defect” of beeing average in some parts.
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^^^^^^ well said.
Your cock is big enough, me thinks..the length is only a little under the average but your girth is perfect..You should do fine and if your GF complains the fault is on her end.

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