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Default Newbie's thoughts

1. There seems to be some amount of discussion by members here of being humiliated because they have a small penis. Only low class people would make fun of someone's physical "abnormality" - be it a flat chest on a woman or a smaller than average dick, or a deformed ear lobe. Why be upset by what some lowlife says or does?
2. Some members here do have extremely small penises. Most, tho, have a penis, while maybe smaller than average, are still perfectly capable.
3. I haven't looked at many pics (I think there should be a separate pic page), many a so called "tiny penis" may not really be small because (don't know how to state this while being politically correct) they are surrounded by rolls of fat or even appear small because a large belly overhangs it.
4. I was never concerned about my 2 to 2 1/2" flacid penis (5.5 erect). I was more shy about having one testicle. I was born w. an undescended ball that was eventually removed.
After decades of a marriage - met the current partner/love. Before we became physical, I knew she was somewhat more sexually experienced. Neither of us had had partners other than our former spouses for 30 years. I later found out that her husband and at least one former lover had huge penises. She has said that "a fire hose" (as she calls a large penis) is not as attractive or inviting to her as one more modest in size.
The first time we had sex, knowing she had had somewhat more experience (didn't then know details) was intimidating. I did tell her, in advance of being naked, that I had one ball. She now says that makes the sight more symetrical than having two balls.
5. Never had a problem, over the years, joining friends in a hot tub, going to a nude hot springs, or a nude beach like Haulover in Miami where there are thousands of naked people of all shapes and sizes - including penises.
6. My lover has named my penis "Pokey Thing". Unless a penis is 3 or 4 inches long, it pokes straight out, rather than hang downward over your balls.
7. It would seem one positive of "small" would be that it would be easier for a partner to deep throat it w.o. gagging.
8. Are there any gay guys here? Wonder what they think about this "tiny dick" subject.

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