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Default anyone ever caught another person....

looking at their crotch and become aware of the fact that the person looking at you is aware that their is no bulge in your pants? I try to be careful when I have running shorts on as they tend to hug my crotch at times and there is no bulge reflected. Recently I was in an office of women at work, talking about a work item and I was leaning back in the chair with my hands behind my head when I began to sense that there were eyes on my crotch. When I got up I noticed that the cut of my trousers gave a smooth and feminine look to my crotch. It was a bit embarassing to know that the gals were treated to the truth that I have little to nothing down there. Now that I replay it in my mind, it is kind of cool.
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Default cold wet swim suit

I've been a swimmer all my life and being tiny soft doesn't enhance the bulging Speedo the other guys sport. Plus, cold water makes me shrink even smaller. Everyone on my team knows I'm not a show-er.
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Old 12-07-2010, 09:05 AM   #3
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true that. i only wear panties because i fit perfectly in them and they are more comfortable. Even my erections are smaller than a normal sized flaccid penis.
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My wife told me one of her GF's asked her if I had a little cock because she never saw any bulge. She only fucks hung men.
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Old 12-15-2010, 08:41 PM   #5
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Well when I was around 12 in the pool some chick went underwater by me and purposely looked up my shirts and said "small dick" I was like WTF? didn't really bother me then or now. And now I notice girls every now and them checking me out and look towards my penis area. I kinda like/hate when they do that, but also I check them out so I can't really hate.
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I love to catch the girls looking I think they all do it some more openly than others and a lot more check out your butt. Work it for the fullest
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when i'm boning every day my package gets bigger!
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