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Default 3 dead vicars

The bishop decides to give all the vicars in his dioscese a day off so he pays for a coach trip down by the sea. On the way back the bus runs off the road and three vicars and their wives are killed. They float off up top where St Peter meets them at the pearly gates. The first vicar asks, "Can we come in?"
St Peter replies, "What you, you fat slob! All you ever did was stuff your fat face with food. You was so fond of food you even married a woman named Candy. Clear off, go down below."
The next vicar asks the same question.
- "I don't know why you bothered to become a vicar, you would have been better off as a rabbi. Money, money, money, that's all you ever thought about. You're so fond of money you even married a woman called Penny. Clear off, go down below."
The third vicar turns to his wife and says, "I don't think we stand much chance either, Fanny."
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Like it. LOL
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