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Default Funny Joke :)

A lady has been sans boyfriend for quite a long time, and feels the need to really get down 'n' dirty, but doesn't want a relationship and doesn't want to go to the club scene. Finally she decides to place a personal ad, in which she states that she's looking for someone with a lot of sexual experience to satisfy her needs.
The ad runs, and she gets a phone call from a man who sounds like he's up to the task. She gives him directions to the house.
An hour later the doorbell rings. She answers the door, looks around, but can't see anyone. Then she looks down... to find a man, with no arms and no legs, sitting on her doorstep.
"I'm the guy who called you."
"Oh! Er, look, uh, I'm sorry, but in my ad, I said that I was specifically looking for someone with a lot of sexual experience who could satisfy my needs." "Look, lady... I rang your doorbell, didn't I?"
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