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Default PLEASE READ.9-16-11 I Cleaned House On The Forums Again

I am trying to keep our forum clean.I went through everything and removed all the deleted posts and spam.If anyone sees a deleted post or spam,please give me a heads up.If anyone needs a post or anything deleted just ask.I'm trying to keep the forum nice and tidy in hopes of building our membership up.Maybe we can get a few more ladies to join for a more diverse view on topics.Thanks for reading.I'll update this from time to time as I clean up.

Just an update.I am cleaning up the forums again.I am going to be deleting some of the old introduction threads that are over 30 days old.I have all ready cleaned the pics and vids section.I only deleted the the threads that didn't have pics or vids,or didn't have links to them.In the personals section,I think I am going to delete any threads that hasn't been posted on in the last 30 days.I think I'll leave everything else as is.

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