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Got about 2 dozen cock sleeves here.
Some are just the roll-ons, but prefer the ones with the loop.

Cheap as anything on Aliexpress & ebay, & the reason for so many is to find the right fit.

These ones are good, cause they don't slip off.
Condom Contraception Transparent Black Shackles Extension Sleeves Head Reusable | eBay

And if you put them on dry, you don't feel much till a bit of precum starts to leak out, then they slip on your head a bit.

Best thing about this is that my wife can get the really hard poundings she like, without me lasting less than a minute.

Got 2 huge ones too, one that's 10" and about as thick as my wrist.
It's a favourite some times.

Will find some pics later if others are interested.
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