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Default Kennybill

Pleasure of oral, with a tiny dick.
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Default whatever is said

i dont go for SPH. i go for SPG (small penis glorification!).
what would be seriously hot is if a girl says "i want to be possessed by the smallest dicks ever!"
* evolution doesn't need big dicks anymore, today women can reproduce without any dicks at all*. tiny dick guys compensate with their brains and have no shame of quantity.
we are no longer on the grassland savanna, notice the big dick societies are always un-free & intolerant. the big dick fetish of the porn industry is also why porn is seldom art and mostly donkey-brain level. The small dicks have always ruled the world, and especially, with now the Asians coming on. the reality is tens of millions of men have really small peckers, their stumps should be viewed as special, a high point of evolution. a small cock is more efficient, more compacted nerve endings in a smaller area. a grown man with a button cock is just about the most darn erotic thing nature could conjure up.
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Really excellent point drew. Keep your great comments and views going.
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