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Virgin4Inch 07-14-2012 03:37 AM

Finally somebody says what I think.
Why This Morning's penis enlargement feature brought a tear to my eyes (for all the right reasons) | Mail Online

bmet 07-14-2012 05:53 AM

Good for the program and writer of the article. That took guts!

jobleau 07-15-2012 11:54 AM

Good article indeed. But I seriously doubt it will change anything.

Virgin4Inch 07-15-2012 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by jobleau (Post 26720)
But I seriously doubt it will change anything.

That's what I thought too after reading it. I think the biggest problem is that very few guys are willing to say anything when remarks are made in fear of being accused of having a small one. Also the women who wouldn't make remarks about a guys size and maybe feel sympathetic aren't likely to say anything either. Not in a crowd anyway. So nobody says anything and the bitches who do it get away with it without any penalty.

Road 07-19-2012 06:29 PM

You can be a good lover with a small one. We need to realize this.

sport 08-02-2012 03:16 PM

I'am older than most was born with a micro penis and small testicles.I sure didn't walk around the gym on display in school.My wife knows it is small 1in flaccid and 4in plus errect but never said anything but must work on the sex part as it didn't come easy.I have always looked down on myself for being soo small.

Virgin4Inch 08-03-2012 02:14 AM

I've read a few times on the internet women say they wish there was a way of telling how big a guys dick was before things got to far. One suggested that us guys should have our dick size included on our drivers license. I wish there was a way of telling the women who are happy with small to average from those that need something the size of a watermelon to feel something.

Virgin4Inch 08-03-2012 03:00 AM

Here are some of the quotes from various ladies on a dating site forum. It's a part of the forum where only women can post so they tend to be more honest despite the fact that guys can read what they write. The thread title is "what to do when his dick is to small?"

OP So i wanna know what you ladies think or do in this situation.theres times when you meet a guy an you like everything about him but when you start having sex his penis is very small an doesnt do anything for you?what do you do or say?

well i hope he can eat

There's more to a relationship than sex. If everything else is good get him a strap on! LOL

Pray that he has a good appetite & great hands & fingers

This might sound crazy but I feel like mr right must fit you like a puzzle piece. I really think we are just one piece to the large puzzle of life. If it doesn't fit? Might not be the right puzzle piece for you. oh right needs to be ALL the things to be perfect for you

There's not too much you can do.... It's not like he doesn't know!

No man knows that he has a small penis.

sort of like how women don't know when they have a large vagina. Seriously if you can slip a tennis ball tube in there without lube.....

Ask him does it come in a man size!! lmao Just hope he's not apposed to having some extra help in the bedroom that's why they make vibe's But you know they can be something he like's as well. Not inserted, unless he like's that sort of thing, but you can use it to massage him as well. So be suttle. Don't want to crush his "Manhood" or in this case "Boyhood"

Been in that situation once or twice! Maybe you should have started a topic about "suttle ways to find out dick size"! LOL. Like we do when we're not with someone, use that vibrator religiously and hope he's okay with it.

Point at it....laugh and say...I hope it gets bigger....LOL (from a 46 year old woman)

Get a new man (this one gets lots of thumbs up from the other ladies)

Buy him a pump...I heard those things help "plump men up"

We all know size does matter! Sorry to say it im being straight out lol!!! Just say.... NEXT!!!!.lol

I'm currently dating a man I love everything about but he can't "penetrate". He uses his hands and mouth very effectively. and I do the same for him

My first thought was grab it and stretch it. Sorry, my sense of humor just got the better of me.

ok for the girls who go off dick size the guy needs to take you to the room get you thinking your lucky then tell you get out your tits are to small your ass is to big what should size matter if thats what your going for your just as shallow as the guys who kick woman out for being to fat or thin you need a heart for a relationship no wonder your on a dating site (I suspect this was posted by a guy posing as a woman)

I've never experienced this, I've mostly had the opposite issue.

tell them I'm on my period

A woman's sex prayer Now I lay him down to fuck I pray he rips this pussy up If his dick is small and weak Lord I pray this man can eat! Amen (this one gets lots of laughs)

That depends on what you consider small??

look, this happens to me all the time. lol I think I'm cursed but you just have to be honest and let him know. My first boyfriend--I suggested pills in a nice way. Hahah his heart was broken but he bought them and they worked(: He had no other choice since I hate getting eaten out. lol

If he's good at other stuff in bed, I don't care as much. I care more about the man I'm with and how I feel about him. But to spice stuff up, you can get all kinds of toys, watch porn. There's always something you can do to make it more fun.

some guys dont like toys I think they feel threated hahhahha they could be replaced !!!!! lmao sorry ladys had to say it !!!!

LOL. Yeah, it's always fun to get a SMALL surprise. I still try not to let it bug me. If I'm into the guy and I really like him, and he's good at other stuff in bed, I don't care so much. But it can be disappointing when they build it up and build it up and then you're just like.........where's the beef?

There is alot more to a relationship than sex.Also ask him if he's ok with you useing your hand to help aid yourself to get more plesure.Another thing if you sit on the edge of the table ask him 2 bend his knees just a little bit you'll be surprsied how much of a diffrace that makes been there and done that.

I dont knw I i hvent came a cross a small one here in Tennesse.The smallest ive seen is 7 1/2 inches

It would sure be a time saver if a mans size was posted on his drivers license.

omg!!!!!!!!!!! why am i just now finding this forum??????? this is funny as hell. and to get back on topic: do the best ya can with it for the moment then find a way to not see him again

ofcourse we understand that there is more to a relationship than sex. HOWEVER, if sex ISN'T right, it might as well be a friendship. how many MEN would be faithful (or even STAY in the relationship) if they weren't being sexually satisfied???

LMAO LOL this is funny lol I never had that problem because I'm pretty tight myself but if he Is very very small and you want bigger ask him to try some male enhancements or something like that good luck

I'm currently seeing someone whose less than average size and it's becoming an issue. At first I thought we could work around it but now I'm not so sure. I use toys to compensate but I'd rather not have to

If you really care about the guy and want to be with him, the only thing we women can do in that situation is work harder on our Kegal exercises. Because he's definitely not gonna get any bigger. It's to our advantage to accommodate where he can't. Win, win. Also, it really doesn't hurt to add in some toys....there is never, EVER anything wrong with making things more exciting in the bedroom

Omg! I have ran into alot of that. I mean the guy would be cute but..down low there is nothing. But they do know how to lick a pussy. Yeah im a big i need something i can see and feel or im

I think they have clip on units that go over their penis. I wonder if it comes in different colors?

I'm so glad Im not hard to please when it comes to size 5 or 6 inches does me just fine as long as they can work it...then its all good.

OMG. How have I missed this forum? Best laugh I've had in months. I'm all for size posted on driver's license. Seriously though, there's no easy way around this issue. Size matters. Admit it! No one wants a guy that's hung like a 3 year old. I miss the 70's and 80's and skin tight jeans. Men didn't have any secrets back then and you could avoid "needle dick the Bug Fucker". One of the ladies on here said that your true mate should fit like a puzzle piece. She's right! there's someone for everyone. You have to be sexually compatable or the relationship is doomed. If you discover he is not man sized, end it quickly. Run. don't walk. You'll only hurt him more if you think it'll be ok. It won't.

Yes but would licenses also show if a woman had an aircraft tunnel down there or lies still like a cold fish? (I like this lady lol)

I have never been in this situation but I guess I would slipped extends in his food and drink.

If it is too small just massage it until it got bigger and longer then sit on it and ride it lol

I've never experienced this, I've mostly had the opposite issue. Sex is just a small part of the whole relationship, yet is the primal most important part.


I've had this happen once. My middle finger was longer than his hard on. I tried to not make a big deal of it, but couldn't get satisfied. He wasn't up for doing anything else. Neither was I. So that's my rule of size.

a small penis is not always a good thing but you don't want to hurt his ego. especially if you're feeling better get use to being on top. and if you get tired of that, then yeah it's time for you to find a new man


LOL!!! I had that happen it sucks but good thing that isn't what matters most. I just hope he have some kinda skill that can take the place of that. Lol

Hold on to him for anal if that is what u like and use a vib for the front and get another man for the other times. ENJOY YOURSELF U ONLY LIVE ONCE.

had a case where he was hung like a gnat and had no clue about oral...i finally told him to stop,,,i got up and left. it was a cruel joke that God played on him!

leave him !!!

I never had that problem and refuse to let it ever happen. I must see before we even consider any play time

There are certain advantages to a small dick. I care about fingers and the G spot

dont have sex with him its as simple as that haha (18 year old)

Again lol here's another one I've had experience with lol For me I love to have sex & I mean vagina & penis sex. lol Sure I love oral especially giving, but when they have a smaller penis it's hard if that is important to you. It's not about being a bitch, it's about what you feel & think yourself. If you are ok with just oral then hopefully he can munch. lol But if you like the other it won't be enough, you'll get tired of "JUST" oral!! Or you can also get a vibrator in the bedroom & both of you enjoy it. If he's ok with it. And if none of that doesn't work then you'll have to move on because you won't be happy. You'll alway's be thinking of something else. And it will take it's toll. Sorry but it's true at least for me.

Sit and ride it like you own it.

what about when he has a big dick and he don't want to work it he think just cause his dick big he don't have to work it wrong i can't deal with a lazy man in bed

Move on unless he's ok with a strap on.

Virgin4Inch 09-14-2012 02:26 PM

Looks like we have a spammer

Road 09-14-2012 11:51 PM

You didnt post that? Anyway, live sucks for us, move on and deal with it.. Hope we don't run into the ones who wouldn't deal with us.

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