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Default 3 guys at heaven

3 guys pass away and go to heaven, then the heaven guard (Pedro here in Argentina, Peter there in U.S.A?) tells them:
"sorry, but we are full up here, really, no vacant, you guys should go down to hell and see if you got space there".
The 3 buddies got depressed and when they were leaving, Peter?? tells them:
"alright alright, i can make space for 1 more guys tell me hoy you died and, if your dead was interesting, i let you go in"
The first one said:
"Ok, i went to my apartment and found my wife naked...ask her what she was doing."
"Yoga" answer that bitch.
"Of course i did not believe ger so i started to look around my apartment to find that asshole who was fucking her...i look everywhere and did not find the guy...then i look out of my window i see he...hanging out...grabbing the edge of my window with his hands...then i went to my the golf stick...and i started to beat him on his head...the motherfucker fell down, but he did not i unplugged my freezer...and threw it out of the him...but my foot got tied up with the wire....and i fell down to...and died"
Peter ( the heavens guard i think) says:
"you are as stupid as you look right? will not come in...NEXT!"
The second one starts:
"i was doing my job you know...doing what i do every windows....and then one psycho came out of the window with a golf stick and started to hit me on the head...i fell down...and when i opened my eyes...i saw a freezer falling over me, with the psycho behind it"
Peter says:
" you are the poor victim here right? just a noble worker doing his job....but still...i do not like will not come in...cos i sez so"
as the second one was leaving crying, the third one starts:
"i was fucking my best friends wife while he came in...and i did not find a better place to hide than the freezer"
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