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Default Be careful about what you ask

A guy wakes up in bed one morning to find he's in a fantastic mansion where everything is silk and gold plate. In bed beside him are half a dozen of the most beautiful girls imaginable. All of a sudden the door gets kicked in and three Klansmen pull him out of bed. They put the chains on, drag him out on the lawn, throw a rope over a branch on the tree then hoist him up. When he stops kicking they pull their hoods off and it's three genies. One says to the others:
"Thanks for giving me a hand lads but I'll never make this guy out. When he pulled the cork out of my bottle I gave him three wishes. The first two were the usual, endless riches and all the crumpet he could desire, but his third wish has really got me baffled. For the rest of my days I'll never understand why he wanted to be hung like a nigga."
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OMG that was so funny!!!!
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Wow, crazy.
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Nice one, that was funny.
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very nice, i mass emailed this joke to everyone in my office.
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Darn! What an accent can achieve! LOL!
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