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Default In the pub

A guy walks into a pub with a little man, only a foot tall, sitting on his shoulder. Immediately all the crumpet goes up to him but he pushes them away. He asks for a pint and just as he's starts drinking the little man jumps off his shoulder and runs down the bar kicking everyone's drinks over. The guy pulls out a handfull of notes and says,
"It's OK, I'll pay for them, I'll pay for them."
Just then the little man picks up the soda syphon and slings it through the mirror at the back of the bar. The guy pulls out more notes from his pocket and says,
"It's OK, I'll pay for it."
The barman comes up and says,
"What the fuck is going on?"
- "Let me explain" says the guy. "I was walking along the street the other day when I found a bottle on the pavement. I pulled out the cork and a genie popped out. He gave me three wishes. For my first wish I asked for plenty of crumpet. Well, you saw how all the women came up to me as soon as I came in. Then I asked for all the cash I could possibly want. As you see, every time I put my hand in my pocket I pull out money. For my third wish I asked for a twelve inch prick. Now I'm stuck with him for the rest of my life."
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Oldie but goldie. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face in this worsening weather.
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