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Default For that Mid-Week chuckle

Straight off the weird wide web for your viewing pleasure

Under the Heading 'Size Issues' our contestants we have:

For those who seriously think they have a big one!

See, even little ones strike lucky, told ya.

In the section 'Fear of Women', here's what's on offer:

Nasty bit of the ol' Vagina Dentata.

'Help!' was probably the last thing heard here.

If all else fails, I guess there's always the DIY option.

This is probably the final stage, 'Rubberlovers Anonymous'.

Apologies for having missed Halloween!

Halloween, there's just nothing like it, is there.

I do like pumpking but maybe wouldn't go quite that far.

Of course not a day goes by without some communication problem!

Hm, I always envisioned 'Phone Sex' differently.

T-Mobile, let's you update all your favourite social networking sites anywhere.

And then there are signs that just say it all!

Well, you simply can't disobey Her Majesty, can you.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, always popular with all ages.

Bugger, I just donated all our old shoes to charity.

And finally, some assorted fun!

Some t-short slogans are best left out.

This adds a whole new dimension to the song 'My Darling Clementine'.

I always suspected there might be something wrong with Batman.

Take it away, Maestro.

The European Unions latest 'Milk Improvement Scheme'.

So this is the reason why some here want to grow a foreskin.

What's he going to say 'I'm melting'?

Last, not least, the latest craze sweeping Japan.
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