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Default Jewish joke

A Jewish homosexual is in San Francisco for Yom Kippur, and hears that there
is a queer shul on Canal Street.

He walks on Canal until he sees a synagogue, and enters it. The men are on
one side and the woman are on the other.

Seeing a stranger, the shamas invites him up on the bima for an aliya.
Standing next to him is a good looking guy, so the gay Jew pinches his

Suddenly, there is silence in the synagogue, followed by murmuring.
The gay says, "What did I do? This is a queer synagogue! What did I do

The shammes screams that the gay shul is two blocks down the street,
and that the gay should get the hell out of this straight shul.

The queer walks down the street and sees a building with the sign "queer Brethren
of Israel". He enters in glee, and sees that again the men are sitting on
one side and the women on the other. Only this time, they are holding hands
and making out with each other.

The queer takes a seat, and the shammes seeing a new face, invites him for an
aliya. The gay is on the bima, and next to him is standing a very good
looking fellow. The queer can't control himself, and pinches his toches.
Suddenly, the synagogue erupts into a mass of murmuring.

The gay says, "What did I do? What did I do? This is a gay synagogue,
what did I do wrong?"

One man gets up and says, "Yes, this is a queer synagogue! And we have very
few rules here. But one of them is that no one fools around with the

If anyone's interested, Yom Kippur this year is on the 25/26 September. Otherwise, work this joke out for yourself.
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