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  1. whos tryed xtenda +
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  4. List your ways to please a woman.
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  10. hi all
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  12. virgin
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  14. Who would you be most embarrassed/humiliated to see your lil weenie?
  15. i wanna suck mine
  16. Where are you from?
  17. Girls
  18. hey all
  19. New Here With 3" and happy
  20. Any chance of some new video updates?
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  22. Measuring your penis
  23. They should bring back Lexii!
  24. do u love ur tiny?
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  26. the wife
  27. Possible "Growth Spurt"?
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  29. r we shemales?
  30. Premature ejaculating
  31. Is nobody here to stop the spam!
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  35. pills
  36. whos the smallest ???
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  38. "Jack" is also "Tubby Bob"!
  39. How can i manage to take a leak without pissing on my balls ?
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  42. Karma?
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  50. Bailey
  51. Anyone from Georgia or the south east?
  52. Kennybill
  53. Videos with penis pumps\extenders, hot or not?
  54. Ambiguos Baby, were any of you ?
  55. msn
  56. cuckold
  57. Couples trade pics
  58. Public Display of small penis
  59. requests for vids
  60. how do you make your penis smaller
  61. Newbie
  62. tiny is superior
  63. Will my fiancee realize I'm small if I use large dildo on her?
  64. Small ones
  65. What women think when tiny dick is in her pussy?
  66. This is Wrong
  67. What are some other SPH websites you go to?
  68. Do women know what the national average is?
  69. Introductory post and a question.
  70. Please help me Expose, laugh at, and humiilate my 2 1/2 inch HARD ON.!.
  71. Who has the smallest penises?
  72. anyone want to chat
  73. Do chubby girls in particular prefer bigger?
  74. Surgery: Your opinion
  75. Hard to find women to do Small Penis Humilation.
  76. Would you considered to be small???
  77. What size is YOUR penis?
  78. Male Model
  79. Where do we find the tiniest penis?
  80. Penis Transplant in the Future?
  81. Will listening to Rap increase my penis size?
  82. Does eating too much rice decrease penis size?
  83. Does penis size and IQ have an inverse correlation?
  84. Do women have a size preference?
  85. What things can help increase your penis size?
  86. Does penis size at birth have any correlation with the size as an adult?
  87. Why are Italians stereotyped with huge penises?
  88. Are there any ethnic groups that PREFER small penises?
  89. Is it possible to increase penis size through other forms of exercise?
  90. What is the average penis size of asians, europeans, and americans?
  91. What sex position works best for a small penis?
  92. What is the average erect penis size for an adult average American male?
  93. How can I increase my penis size without taking pills?
  94. Can women really achieve orgasm with tiny penis?
  95. Women discussing partners cocks - How common? (or not)